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In ancient times the skirling of a warpipe and the appearance of a three pointed fire being carried across the hilltops, meant the clan was to go to Th' Gatherin' Place at once.  The tradition still continues at Th' Gatherin’, Ancient Festival O' Beltane with Th' Runnin' O' Th' Fiery Cross.










Text Box: And may God always hold us in the palm of his hand.

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Th' Gatherin' is made possible solely by the generosity of our many supporters who give so much, whether it be the monetary contributions of area businesses and individuals, or those volunteering countless hours of their personal time. This event would not be possible without them.  THANK YOU!!!

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May the Coming of Spring Renew Our Faith, Hope, and Dreams.

May the Rain Fall Softly On the Fields and Renew the Land.

May the Wind Be Always at Our Backs,

And May God Always  Hold Us in the Palm of his Hand.

Rounded Rectangle: TH’ GATHERIN’ IS BACK!  It’s our EIGHTEENTH  year.  Th’ Gatherin’ is held in WaKeeney, Kansas at the Trego County Fair Grounds.  There are festivals all o’r th’ land, but there is nauthing quite like Th’ Gatherin’.  You must experience it faer yerself, step through th’ mists o’ time.  

Rounded Rectangle: Th’ Gatherin’ Ancient Festival O’ Beltane

 May 2nd, 2015

An auld Scots saying, "Blood warms tae blood",  

sae if ye hae th' blood,  get yeres warmed by joining us at Th' Gatherin’, there is naething like it.

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Text Box: Friday, May 1st
Grounds will be open for vendors to set up and preparation of th’ grounds for Th’ Gatherin’ 2015.  The Indulgers & Switchback will set the tone for Saturday with a special Beltane Dane at The Trego County Fair Building beginning around 7:30 pm, so come out for a great time.  There is NO cover charge, but  free will donations will be appreciated.   Beer will be sold & you can also bring your own beverages. 

Saturday May 2nd
8:00 AM Highland Games where lads and lasses compete as clans faer th' title of Warriors O' Destiny.  A feast in heroes hall, with bards, sennachies, pipers an warriors competeing faer Th' Right Tae Wield Th' Wallace Sword. Gatherin O' Th' Hounds O' Celtica (bring your Hounds). Games for wee lads and lasses.  Enjoy a carriage ride behind th' big Clydesdales.  The Nex-Tech Express will be on hand for the kids.  Th' Runnin' O' Th' Fiery Cross and Th' Gatherin O' Th' Clans,  Dancin’ Th’ May Tree, War piping, Kitchen piping, Queen O' May and her faery Court, Dancin’ Th' Beltane Fires,  a Fireworks display sponsored by Thyfault Fireworks, Celtic Music by The Indulgers, and The Halbleib Family Band throughout the day and finally at 11 PM Saturday night, th' lone piper playing his tattoo and ending th' evening.
Sunday May 3rd
Tear down and clean up of th’

For the latest news on Th’ Gatherin’ check the BULLETIN BOARD!

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