The Graphics And Gameplay Makes NBA Live Mobile So Appealing


If I want to make long things short, I will say that the gameplay and graphics of NBA Live Mobile game are the best in the circuit which makes the game so appealing and popular among gamers. There may be a few constraints in the mobile version as compared to the PC or console variant, but then things are not bad in it as well. I found that the fixed camera angles worked perfectly well for the mobile gamers and it may be attributed to the low file size of the game. If I ask for everything, then I may miss out on the essentials like faster loading, no hiccups lags in the visual and much more.

Maybe I missed on some nuances of the game with some close-up details of some movements along with replays, but I quite understand the difficulty and am quite happy with the fixed sideline view that I had throughout the game. For players like me who have played the NBA Live Mobile game on PC and consoles as well may find it a bit of an issue but for any regular mobile gamer, the difference will go unnoticed. In fact, the graphics are better than any other shoddy games of basketball which I have seen developed by different developers. Game currencies are a bit issue in the gameplay, but its not that hard to manage them as there is nba live mobile hack available online to guide you how to save and use currency wisely.

The developer of the NBA Live Mobile game, EA Sports, has the official license for NBA players and teams and therefore it allows taking control over my favorite teams and players as well. The graphics are so realistic that even the team jersey details, the number in it, the logo all seem so realistic. The details of the players along with their physical features like face, height, weight, and figure, all have been reproduced brilliantly to resemble that of the original. It never mattered whether the screen is big or small; the features appeared to me very realistic.

Along with the graphics, the animation needs special appreciation as well. As it is, EA Sports do not need any introduction to their software and engineering capabilities. With such expertise, they have created the best animation that I have seen in any virtual game for a long time. The movement of the players in NBA Live Mobile game matched their features and character as well. The shooting of the ball to throwing it, passing and dribbling the ball, running and sprinting all look so real with the careful graphics. Add to it; the matching background sound effects created that aura of a real stadium with real spectators watching a real game.

One most important aspect of the game is the management of the resources. I found the inbuilt features of the game were good enough to provide me with enough of that. There were a lot of activities that I could take part in, challenges that I could take up and live events which paid me with handsome rewards and coins. Apart from that the tournaments and league also helped me to earn so much that I felt nba live mobile cheats not necessary.